Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Things about Nathan

1. I may be biased, but sometimes, he takes my breath away at how handsome he is.

2. He loves Dora the Explorer now. It is cute to see him pointing to the TV along with the show. It keeps him occupied during the babies' naptime. Plus, I love how he pronounces "Dora". It sounds like "Door-ee-ya". It is sweet.

3. He thinks that school buses are the best things ever. His whole face lights up when he see one.

4. He can be so loving towards the boys. He really does try to show them affection. His little whispered "love you" makes my heart feel as if it will come bursting out of my chest.

5. He prefers to have all the toys out of the bins. But he mostly plays with toy cars.

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