Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Things about Brandon

1. He is very tall. 6'5". And I admit freely that that was the first thing that attracted me to him. At 5'8" myself, I hardly feel "small" but he makes me feel that way.

2. He is such a gentleman. I hope that our boys learn from him. He opens car doors for me and always concerned about my welfare before his own.

3. He is obsessed with electronics and the news. Oh and boxing. All of which I hate, but I put up with because I love him.

4. He calls me "Panda" and has a tattoo on his back that says "Panda" in Japanese lettering. Doesn't seem like a tattoo guy, does he?

5. He is the most accepting person I know. He accepts people and me for who they are. It is remarkable really. He doesn't ever get angry. He has raised his voice I think twice in the nearly 7 years we have been together (and not even at me). I aspire to be like that.

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Brittany said...

Can I just say my husbands name is Brandon too and he looks A LOT like your Brandon !!! I love this post. Too sweet !