Friday, October 22, 2010

Week one Done!

I finished my first week of Couch to 5K!

It is going well so far. I'm still having some trouble with pain in my side, so I'm hoping that gets better.

My feet are starting to hurt too so I'm going to get new shoes this weekend.

No new weight loss yet. But I'm feeling like my body is changing.


EssKress said...

I get pain in my side when I run, too. It usually helps to breathe more evenly. Inhale for two steps, exhale for two steps, inhale for two, exhale for two, etc., etc. It also seems to help, for whatever reason, to make the exhale kinda forceful. That way you're more in control of your diaphram and it doesn't spaz out on you!

Nice job! Way to stick with it!

Sophie {Red Dust Love} said...

I too have started the couch to 5km journey! I started a "modified" version this week. I have two little ones and no double pram :( so finding the whole running outside the house thing a little tricky! Doing it on the cross trainer for the moment but hoping to start some running soon! good luck with the journey!!! Not game to blog about mine until I have stuck with it for a couple of weeks!