Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Letters to my sons

Dear Gavin,

9 months old today! October has arrived and slightly cooler weather came with it. Although this week it has been in the 80s again. This year has been so hot!

You are growing and changing every day. To me, you are starting to look like a toddler already! You are so big. You pull up on everything. You walk all around the furniture and push the firetruck all around. It is just a matter of time before you start walking on your own. You have started to wake up a lot more at night again. I am wondering if you are going through a growth spurt. Every two hours at night is getting a little crazy! One great thing that happened this month is your new love of solid food! Finally you are enjoying food! It is great to be able to give you something other than Mama's milk. One not-so-good thing that has happened this month is your fights with Kai. You both have figured out that you can get what you want by hitting the other! It is so sad! You are bigger than Kai, so you like to throw your weight into it. I'm sure that you will continue on fighting until you are teenagers! It's ok though, I grew up with brothers, so I know how to handle you two!

9 months have come and gone. Winter is right around the corner and your first birthday is quickly approaching. I love you so much Gav!




Dear Kai,

Hello sweetheart! You are 9 months old today! It is October and this is my favorite time of year. I love pulling out all the fall weather clothes. Although we haven't had much use of them yet. It is still so hot here!

You are my sweet, snuggly boy. You still wake up a million times a night. I am so hoping that that lets up soon. Between you and Gav, Mama doesn't get much sleep! You now have four teeth! You are loving little bites of food now too. I give you little pieces of bread and other soft foods. You crawl right over to me whenever I am eating something and wait with your mouth open. You remind me of a tiny, baby bird. So cute. Sometimes, both you and Gavin want food at the same time and it is hilarious! Speaking of crawling, you are so fast! I have never seen a baby crawl as fast as you! You pull up on things all over the house. Your favorite places to hang out are halfway in the dryer and halfway in the toilet. I really have to keep an eye on you! You and Gavin have started fighting! You pull his hair and he pushes you around. It is hard to keep a straight face at your little squabbles.

Your first birthday is right around the corner! Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming up soon too! This is a great time of year! I love you Kai-bear!



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