Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 10 great things about having twins

It seems as though I have really neglected to mention some of the totally awesome aspects of having twins. Looking back through some of my blog posts, I noticed a theme of complaining.

First let me say, that having twins IS a lot of hard work and the only reason that I write about the more difficult aspects of parenting twins is that I like to be honest. Often times, people idealize having twins and don't realize the difficulties that twin moms face. I write this blog and it is mostly a personal diary of my life so that I don't forget anything about my children's lives. But the blog is also a source of information for moms. Moms who aren't yet moms and are going through infertility. IVF moms. IUI moms. Moms of kiddos with speech delays. Attachment parenting moms. Moms looking for information on circumcision, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and vaccinations. Expectant moms of twins. And current moms of twins. So I really want to give it straight to these moms. I don't sugarcoat. :)

However, having said all that, I do really want to share some of the joyous parts of having twins. Because really there is no greater joy.

Having twins is awesome because:

10.) It has made me a better, more engaged mother. I can't "phone it in" with the babies. I play more. I am a more active mother and better for it.

9.) I feel like Super-Mom every time I go out. The amazement in people's voices when they see that I have twins is pretty cool. People are generally very sweet to a mom with twins. It is nice to hear that I am doing a good job.

8.) I get to talk about my homebirth often! A lot of people ask about their birth. "Were they early?" "Did you have to have a c-section?" I have fun when I talk about their birth. It makes me proud.

7.) I am far more relaxed now. I let things go more often than not now. I realize that as long as we all made it through the day with minimal tears and full bellies, life is good.

6.) They entertain each other. Most of the time, they get along great. Playing together and laughing at each other.

5.) I am a part of something bigger. I have something in common with twin moms and other moms of multiples. It is nice to belong to a group like that. I feel a solidarity when I see other moms of twins.

4.) I appreciate the passage of time. With Nathan, I wanted to keep him a baby forever! With the babies, I love watching them grow up and get bigger. It is a sense of pride for me that we have made it this far!

3.) I love the different relationships I have with each of them. I know that Gavin likes me to stroke the top of his head while he nurses. I know that Kai likes me to cuddle him close on my arm at night.

2.) I am never bored. Every second of every day, I have someone wanting to have fun with Mommy. Exhausting...yes. Fun....yes.

1.) Double the love. I love when they wake up from nap (I rock them to sleep and hold them both during their naps) and they are both happy. They look at me with such love that my heart feels like it will burst.

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April said...

Very awesome post Mandie! love it!
Even though my twins are in heaven I still feel this pull to other whom have twins!
You should be very proud of yourself! And let me tell ya I tell people all the time about your home birth of twins that were FULL term.... :) YAY to you and those babes!