Saturday, August 7, 2010

Level 2, Day 27

It is day 27 of the 30 day shred! I should remark here that my shred will turn into a 40-45 day shred. I have had to take a couple days off here and there because of cranky babies. I also found that I got bored with the video so I have been mixing it up. Every other day I do the shred and in between I do some other video, yoga, abs, etc. I am in Level 2 of the shred right now (I waited quite a while to switch to Level 2 because Level 1 was really tough for me). I do notice that each passing day gets easier. Today I actually went back to level 1 just to see if I could get through it and it was so easy!! So my stamina is really improving!

I have lost around 3.5lbs so far which really isn't too bad.

I have lost a whole dress size!!! WOOOT!!! I can fit into the pants that I haven't worn in years!

I haven't taken my measurements yet. I think I will wait to do that until I have completed 10 days of each level.

The best part: I have kept up my motivation and it has completely changed how I view working out. On days that I can't do the shred, I feel lazy and just blah.

I'm really so excited!


EssKress said...

Good for you!!! I always feel so much better when I work out - even if it's just taking the dog for a walk - but, like you, I find it hard to stick with. There are so many other things I'd rather do. :) Proud of you!!

Syd said...

Have found level 2 to be boring also. Level 3 is more "fun" LOL