Thursday, August 12, 2010

Letters to my sons

Dear Gavin,

It is August and it is hot! Today you are 7 months old! Growing every day and such a sweet boy!

Lots of new things has happened this month. You are still army-crawling all over the house. But you have gotten much faster! You are much happier now that you are able to move around! You can make it across the house in no time. You love crawling towards Mama and climbing up for me to hold you. You love using Kai as a obstacle course. You crawl all over him! You have also gotten two teeth this month. Your two bottom teeth came in a week apart. It was a very unhappy time for you. You also got your first ear infection. We took you to the doctor and got you medicine. You didn't like the taste of that. You aren't really all that thrilled about solid foods either. You would much rather have Mama. You are nursing every 3 hours or so now. The teeth have made that interesting to say the least! You are much more vocal now. You like to grunt and scream when you don't get your way. You follow Mama all over the house and cry when you can't find me.

7 months in and I think it is just more fun everyday. I love watching you interact with Kai. You two boys are such a joy to me.




Dear Kai,

Today you are 7 months old!! Time flies when you are having fun! You are still Mama's little cuddlebug!

Big news this month! You have started to army-crawl all around the house. You have this really cute way of moving that makes me smile. You keep your right arm straight and pull forward with the left side of your body. You crack me up because you look like a little wiggleworm going down the hallway. You and Gavin are all over the place. You boys are always so happy to see each other. Well, except when Gavin crawls over you. You get really mad at him! You continue to do so well on solid foods. You will eat anything we give you. You get really frustrated when we can't get it in fast enough! It is so cute. You wait with your mouth open the whole time. Your favorites seems to bananas and applesauce. But you love veggies just as much. You nurse every three hours still. It is your favorite time of day for sure. You are always happy to see me sit in my nursing chair. Your little eyes light up and you squeal with joy.

7 months has come and gone. Pretty soon, fall will be here. This time has just flown by with you boys. It is always hard work but you make it worth it.

Love you,


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