Saturday, August 28, 2010

Attachment parenting works...who knew?

I get a lot of crap for parenting the way that I do. I hear things all the time like "He will never be independent from you." and "He'll be such a mama's boy."

Most of the time, it is from people who are genuinely concerned about Nathan's well-being and I appreciate their input. Sometimes, it is from people who think that I am doing things wrong and just love to point that out.

Well, I am here to tell you, that attachment parenting works.

My three year old son now RUNS into preschool and yells "Bye Mom!". Clearly, this child is not afraid to be away from me. Clearly, my years of staying home with him did NOT turn him into a clingy child. Clearly, I have done something right!

Kids who are parented this way are just as (if not more) independent than kids who aren't parented this way! Nathan just has the confidence that I will always be there for him, so it's ok to run into preschool.

It is a proud moment for me. I'm so happy that he loves school. I feel like I have given him a great start to his life of learning.


Sarah A.T.J. said...

Yay for you!! Hey, I found your blog somehow long the way... Don't remember how but it's nice to see updates on your boys!!

Stacie L. said...

I recently had this conversation with my husband. Both of our kids are so excited to go to school. They are independent and adventurous. I am so proud that the choices and time we invested in getting them to this point has paid off.

AmyB said...

I could not have wrote it better myself. My child is a social butterfly. And you are right, attachment parenting lets the child know we will be waiting when they need us. Way to go mama!

Holly Burkhardt said...

Totally agree with this.. Lilly was a very attached child and now she is a social butterfly. She isnt' afraid to go to school or camp on her own, in fact she loves it.