Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shredding it up

So, after hearing about the 30 day shred from everyone and their brother, I decided to get up off the couch and give it all I've got!

So today marks the first day of the shred. I did Level One today!! I am so proud of myself for getting started!

I have some goals. Small goals really.

I don't really have a desire to lose a lot of weight. I am fairly happy with the weight that I am, but I will say that losing 5 pounds over this 30 days would be nice!

I would LOVE to see some toning in my arms. My arms are my "problem" area and I would very much appreciate some inches lost on my arm area. I took my measurements today and downloaded an iPhone App to keep track of my progress.

I really want to do this for me. Brandon is really supportive. He watched the kiddos while I worked it out and he was encouraging me the whole time.

I'm not really going to be modifying my diet at this time because like I said, I really don't want to lose weight. And also, I still need 3,000 calories a day for nursing.

So here I go!! I will most some "before" pictures tonight (rules of the blog: you must not laugh at my photos!).

After the 30 day shred, I plan on doing the Couch to 5K program. I really want to run a 5K. It is on my bucket list and Brandon wants to run with me! So it will be a nice way for us to do something together. That plan takes around 9 weeks to complete, so maybe my first 5K will be sometime this fall/ winter?

I'm excited! And motivated! 1 day down, 29 to go!


Heather said...

Way to go, Mandie!! Have you seen Kristi's blog? She had some incredible results with the Shred DVD. It's the first DVD I plan on doing once I'm cleared to exercise after baby girl is born. I'm actually looking forward to exercise again! :)

Jamie said...

Yeah! I'm on day 3! And gonna do couch to 5k next too!What app are you using?

Mandie said...

Heather- Thanks for the info on Kristi's blog! I will have to check that out!

Jamie- WOOOHOOO!!! Post on the CDing mamas board, I posted a thread called Shred support group. :) I am using the Health Cubby app. It is a simple app basically just tracking weight and measurments.

Mandy said...

You go girl!!! So proud of you for doing this. I did the Shred about 6 months ago and loved it. I need to get back on board!

I'm cheering for you!

Mandie said...

Thanks Mandy!