Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect days

Yesterday was one of those days.

We have such a small amount of time to spend together as a family. Both Brandon's and my days go by in a blur of baby care and diaper changes. The babies love to be carried, which means that Brandon and I never really sit down at our own house. We stand and hold babies to watch TV. Somedays that really bothers us and somedays we fill our time with activities so that it doesn't seem that bad.

Yesterday was such a good day. We woke up early, but to us 7am is sleeping in! Brandon is on vacation from work so we normally get up at 5am. Brandon went to get us some breakfast and the babies were content rolling around the floor for awhile. After a nap and some homemade pizza for lunch we were off to the pool! We had such a fun relaxing time. We take a canopy tent thing to the pool so that we can have the babies under the shade. My mom came with us and was able to hold the babies so that Brandon and I could have some fun too! We were able to go down the slide and hang out in the water. It was heavenly.

After Brandon and I played around, we retreated to the shade for a snack and some cuddle time with the babies. Nathan was so good at just hanging out with us and I was able to take him for some mama time to the "big" pool!

We loaded up the car (seriously we take enough stuff for a year) and headed home. All three kiddos fell asleep so Brandon drove really slowly. When we got back into town we headed over to our favorite neighborhood to look at all the big, beautiful houses and pick out the ones that we liked.
At home, we had a meal of yummy spaghetti, played with our kiddos, danced in the hallway to Outkast, taught Nathan how to shake it like a "polaroid picture", and headed to bed. :)


Christina said...

Sounds like a great day! The twins are getting so big!

EssKress said...

That DOES sound heavenly! Good for you!