Monday, July 12, 2010

Letters to my sons....

Dear Gavin,

Happy half birthday!! Today you are 6 months old! So many new and exciting things have happened for you in the last month. You are growing so fast.

We had your well-baby visit and you weigh around 17.5 lbs now! You have super chunky thighs and a couple of chins. It is really sweet to see you growing so quickly! This past month brought on a big change for you! You have started "army" crawling. You can make it across the room in no time flat. You love to scoot all the way over to Nathan's snack or sippy cup. Mama really has to keep an eye on you. You have also started to sit up for a couple of seconds now. You still fall over fairly quickly, but we can see a change in your stability. You also love the the ExerSaucer! You love to jump around in it and you are just so much happier being able to see everything going on around you. You are still not sleeping very well at night and Daddy and I are at a loss as to what could be going on with you. We are hopeful that you will start sleeping soon. You love playing with toys and are constantly chewing on things. You love to nurse! You and Kai are nursing every 2 hours or so. It is a lot of work for Mama! We tried some solid foods with you recently. You weren't a fan. :) Hopefully you will start liking them soon. You are so happy and smiley. You love being tickled and carried around by Daddy. You love Nathan and Grandma.

So half a year has come and gone! I am looking forward to crawling, sitting up, and walking soon! I love you so much, Gav!




Dear Kai,

You are 6 months old Kai-bear!! I can't believe that it has been 6 months since your birth. Time seems like it is flying by now.

We recently had your well-baby check-up at the doctor. You weigh around 16.5 lbs! You are my long and lean baby! Although you still have your fair share of rolls. You have gotten so much more hair recently! It is coming in so thick and curly! I think that you are going to look a lot like Nathan. This past month has brought a lot of changes. You roll all over the place and have started to scoot across the room using your legs to push you forward. You will be crawling before you know it. You are such a talker. In fact, you are "talking" to me right now. You have this adorable high-pitched screech that you do when you are happy. Which is nearly all the time! You are so smiley. You love playing with toys and get upset when someone takes one away from you (that someone being Nathan). You laugh a lot and are generally just a happy baby. You are nursing every 2 hours or so still. You can't get enough! Mama recently started solid foods with you and you LOVE it!!! You hold your mouth wide open waiting for the food and get cranky when we take too long! It is really sweet. You are still Mama's little cuddlebug at night. You have to be pressed right up against me to sleep. Although between you and Gavin, Mama doesn't get much sleep! You adore Nathan, he plays with you all the time.

Pretty soon, you will be crawling all over the place! My sweet little Kai is growing up so fast. Happy half birthday!



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