Saturday, June 12, 2010

Letters to my sons

Dear Gavin,

You are 5 months old today!! I must say that time actually seems to be creeping by lately. Perhaps it is because things are so stressful at home right now!

You and your brother are testing your mother. :) You are both up pretty much all night and barely nap during the day. It is very difficult for us to get any sort of sleep around here. You mostly sleep next to Daddy at night and he has the best success for getting you down for bed. He holds you really tightly and walks around until you fall asleep. It is really sweet to see you sleeping on him. You weigh around 16lbs now and have the bluest eyes I have ever seen. They are so beautiful. I always dress you in blue to match. You are the sweetest little cuddlebug. You really don't like to be set down and prefer for someone to be holding you. You hardly spend anytime on your back because you roll over the second we put you down. Lately you have begun to roll across the room. You are still exclusively breastfed. I am so proud to have made it to 5 months with you and your brother! We are working on you taking a bottle of pumped milk, but you really would rather wait for mama. Hopefully we can get you liking the bottle soon so mama can get a little break.

So happy 5 months to my sweet blue-eyed baby boy!! I love you so much!




Dear Kai,

Today you are 5 months old!! You are growing so quickly, but it seems like time is going slowly. I guess that is what happens when Mama isn't getting a lot of sleep!

You weigh around 15.5 lbs. You love to nurse and would still nurse all day if I let you! However, unlike your brother Gavin, you also love to take a bottle (of pumped milk) too! This is so nice because it gives mama a little break now and then. You are mama's happy little boy now! You are content to hang out on the floor with your toys. You love to look around and are so happy and smiley. You have the most easy-going personality out of all my boys! You are a mama's boy though. You love to sleep next to me and you prefer me to hold you for all your naps. You have brown eyes (like Mama and Nathan) that darken with each day. You are constantly chewing on toys and your fists. It almost looks like a little tooth is going to pop through soon. You really like being 'worn' in the carrier. You could hang out in there all day!

So 5 months has come and gone. 6 months is right around the corner. Thank you for being such an amazing boy. I love you so much!!



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