Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things are getting better!

The boys are now 2 and a half months old and finally things are starting to get better! Their sleeping has improved 100%! They are giving me a 4 hour stretch at night at the same time now!! YAY! I can handle 4 hours! They are, of course, up every 2 hours after that, but that is ok. :)

Nursing is going so much better too. I have had some warm, fuzzy feelings the past couple of days so all hope is not lost! I am just so proud of myself for doing this. The boys are 13lbs now because of me and I think that is just awesome. We are slowly settling into a routine so hopefully this good streak keeps up!


EssKress said...

If there was a "like" button on Blogger, I'd totally click it. :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! You should be proud of yourself. I hope things continue to go well and you have more and more warm fuzzies. :-)


Syd said...

That is awesome mama! :)

April said...

just AWESOME sweetie! So happy to see its gettin a bit better! :)
All three are just cuties!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I am so glad for you!