Sunday, January 10, 2010

My favorite things

I thought it would be nice to write a positive post! As I am waiting for these babies to come out, I am trying to fill my days with things that make me happy. It occured to me yesterday that sometimes the simplest things can make my day so much better!

My favorite things:
-romance novels: I love getting lost in the story.
-hot showers: Granted I would give my right arm for a jetted-soaking tub right now, but a hot shower is really nice too.
-warm cookies and milk: yum.
-fresh scrapbooking supplies: Sounds crazy, but I love freshly opened paper, stickers, etc. It gets my creativity flowing.
-fuzzy socks: I rarely wear socks, but on cold days like this, I love the soft, fuzzy ones.
-hearing Nathan call me "Mama": his little voice lights up my day
-a clean kitchen: nothing better than looking over and seeing everything nice and neat.
-movies: I love snuggling up with Nathan and Brandon on the couch and watching movies all day
-Roseanne re-runs: cracks me up


EssKress said...

I'm totally with you on the fresh scrapbooking supplies and clean kitchen!! I loved this post!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are able to think of so many positive, comforting things. Maybe it is a sign the babies are close to coming. *fingers crossed*


Christina said...

I am hoping that your recent leave-of-absence means that you are a happy and busy mama of three! Just wanted to say congrats! (And I'm excited to see pictures and hear about the birth!)