Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Had our home visit last night!

It was awesome! It was so nice to have everyone here and to be talking about the birth. We had our midwife, her assistant, my mom, and my friend here. We shared a meal of potato soup and homemade bread and just chatted about how the births will go.

It was so relaxing and wonderful. This is the time that I start to feel sorry for all those women out there who aren't seeing midwives. Going to a cold, sterile, doctor's office just doesn't sound like fun at this stage in pregnancy. Instead, I was able to just relax and share in the joy of my pregnancy with important people in my life. Heavenly...

The babies heartrates were great and they are both still head down! She estimates them to be around 6lbs each now. So they are growing very well in there.

I am 35 weeks now. Just 13 days until my goal of 37 weeks!


Christina said...

Home birth is such a great option--I will definitely try for one with my next pregnancy--if I'm so lucky! I especially don't want a repeat of my last hospital birth--ugh. I absolutely love my midwife, which is good because she is the only one in town. Best wishes and I hope you make your goal!

Rebe said...

good luck to you!
I will do the first IUI in 2 hours, good luck to me then. :-)

Mandie said...

Thank you Christina and Rebe!!

Good luck Rebe!! :)