Friday, November 13, 2009

Had another ultrasound yesterday

Due to the fact that I had all those contractions last week and that I am entering a time in which lots of twins are born (the uterus is now the size of a full-term pregnancy, so this is common time for preterm birth in twin mamas) I had an ultrasound yesterday.

The good news first: Both babies are head down!! Baby A's head is in exactly the right position for birth. He is curled up on my right side facing his brother with his feet in front of his face. Baby B's head is right next to Baby A's and he is curled up with is back to my left side and his feet are spread across my upper belly. Baby B was the one this time to do all the punching and kicking to Baby A!

Both babies are on the upper side of the scale for weight and length. Baby A weighs (approximately) 4lbs 6oz. Baby B weighs 4lbs 3oz.

We got to see both babies making breathing motions! That is such a good sign for this gestational age. We know that those muscles are working in there and they are practicing to breathe after they are born.

Both babies have hair! The ultrasound technician pointed it out to us. It was adorable! Baby B actually has more hair than Baby A right now.

Now for the so-so news: My cervical length is 2cm. It was at 4cms at our last ultrasound 5 weeks ago. So it is shortening. My midwife isn't too concerned yet though. Basically, she said that some shortening at this stage of the pregnancy is normal. Especially because I am a second-time mom and because I am carrying twins. So we are just going to continue on with our plan of resting as much as I can. We will probably recheck the cervix in 3-4 weeks or so. Some of the twin-mamas I have talked to have said that their cervical length was similar at this stage in their pregnancies and they went on to have full-term babies. So, I am not too worried about it right now. I may go back next week to have another fetal fibronectin test, but I will have to talk to my midwife about that next week.

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