Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cloth diaper stash for the twins...

Here is where all diapers live...This is a shelving unit right by the changing table. You can kinda see the baskets on the changing table too. Those are where Nathan's cloth diapers are.

Babies' first outfit! Cute little matching shirts and diapers with the "Goldfish in bags" print.

All the prefolds! On the left starts with preemie size (for doublers). The orange stack is 24 newborn prefolds. They yellow stack is infant size. In the front are our special prefolds. The two on the left are embellished with "Goldfish in bags" fabric. The two on the right are bamboo velour. Oh so soft...

One-size blueberry diapers! 20 of them. :)

Extra-small Blueberry diapers for the newborn stage.

On the left is small Blueberry All-in-ones. On the right is the medium size.

2 small Blueberry pockets.

Fitted diapers! 6 Goodmama one-size diapers, 2 small Clovers, 2 random newborn fitteds.

Some wool. I am not really experienced with wool, so I don't have a lot of it. These are all newborn size soakers. Thanks Amanda!

Newborn/ one-size covers. As you can see, I still need some newborn covers. 4-6 more should do it. :)

Add in some snappis, wet bags (still need), pail liners, etc. and you have a complete stash for two babies!


CNH said...


I am seriously jealous of that stash Mama!!!!

Belly pic, please. ;)

Glad to hear all is right with the world! I had my twins at 38+5 and they did so well. It was a great birth at home!

Holly Burkhardt said...

WOW fantastic stash :)

Erin said...

Nice! Makes me want to buy diapers!

Jamie said...

I love the goldfish outfits! SOOOO cute!

Andrea said...

So many diapers!! How fun!!

Syd said...

What a stash!!!!