Friday, October 30, 2009

The master to-do list

So in a previous post, I have our "to-buy" list. It helps to glance at that every now and then to remind me what we still need to get.

However, today I am looking around the house and mentally making a list of everything I need to get done before these babies get here. So here is my to-do list. I love making lists...can you tell? Mainly this really isn't for any one else but me, so feel free to skip reading it because it is boring!

-touch up paint in bathroom
-wash diapers and outfits
-organize kitchen cabinets
-get birthing and postpartum supplies together (by 35 weeks)
-maternity portraits (November 28)
-finish Christmas shopping and wrap presents (done by December 1)
-get baby stuff down from attic and wash soft parts
-put up outside Christmas lights (day after thanksgiving)
-apply for tax credit at courthouse before the end of the year
-order maternity pictures and get scrapbooks done!
-Christmas cards
-string birth beads

I am sure that I will add more as time goes on.


Brooke said...

What is your car seat plan???

Mandie said...

Brooke- I have Nathan's old infant seat to use with one of the boys. I am asking for another infant seat for Christmas I think.

Brooke said...

Good idea! What kind did he have? I don't know what kind I'll settle on...

Erin said...

What do you need supply-wise, I may have some stuff you can use.