Tuesday, October 20, 2009

28 weeks

Holy Cow, I am 7 months pregnant now!!! In the third trimester!! Eek.

How I am feeling: Pretty good actually! In fact, I was mentioning to the midwife yesterday that I can't believe that I am feeling this good. Mentally I am doing really well. I am so excited for these babies to get here. I can't believe that in two months I will have reached my goal of 37 weeks!! I am really just trying to stay positive and know in my heart that I can carry these babies as long as they need. Hypnobabies is really helping me prepare for birth. I like listening to the CDs and it is just so relaxing. Interestingly enough, I am not scared for the birth at all. I know that everything will turn out just fine and have complete faith in my midwife to handle anything that comes up. I asked a friend of mine (from my homebirth support group) to be at the birth and she is so excited!! She is such a calming presence and has had a homebirth herself. I feel like things are falling into place. Now, all I need is to order the birth tub and birth supplies. Speaking of my midwife, I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. The babies and I are doing well! I have gained 19 lbs so far and she is very pleased with that. The boys had nice, strong heartbeats (Baby A-150, Baby B-144). Baby A is head down still, so I wonder if he is going to stay that way. I hope so!! Makes the birth much easier on all of us.

What the babies are up to: The babies' eyes are now open! Their eyelashes have formed too. They are slowly gaining fat and their skin is becoming more filled out. If born now, they have a 90% chance of survival. :)


Syd said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling well physically & mentally!
I am sure you will carry your babes to your goal. You will do great mama!!

CNH said...

I am so excited for you! You're really starting to pass the scariest part of pregnancy (micro-preemie *shudder*)and move towards the finish line. You need to update the belly please! :)