Sunday, September 20, 2009

The master "to buy" list

So I realized that if I shoot for my goal of having these babies around the end of December, I only have three months left. And three BUSY months at that! So I needed to make a list of the things we need to get yet.

-Guard rails for beds
-carseat (thinking that we may ask for this for Christmas)
-double stroller (this one for when they are little and I am still looking for the one to use for when they are bigger)
-XS diaper covers
-a few more baby gowns
-a few more baby sleepers
-birthing pool and accessories
-stuff for birth kit
-twin nursing pillow
-belly bandit


Twisted Cinderella said...

Great list. I have most things I need, although I do want a double stroller for the baby and Princess Magpie to share.

Please Press Pause said...

Check Craigslist and your local Mama of Multiples groups for things like the double snap and go. MofM usually have annual yard sales, etc to sell all of the multiple baby items they end up with.