Friday, August 14, 2009

List of Cloth Diapers for the babies

Newborn and Up-to 15lbs Stage
-26 Orange edge prefolds (newborn size) from Green Mountain diapers
-24 Yellow edge prefolds (infant size) from Green Mountain diapers
-4 Organic Bamboo prefolds (infant size) from zaichiki Baby
-12 XS Blueberries pockets
-8 fitteds (4 are Clovers newborn and 4 are Newborn size from a WAHM--work at home mom)
-6 small Blueberries All-In Ones from Outlet Store
-12 covers (Thirsties, Adorabumz prints, 2 wool soakers)

15 lbs and Up
-36 One-size pockets (mostly Blueberry and Rumparoos)--These actually fit starting at around 10lbs.
-4 Medium Blueberry All-In-Ones from the Outlet Store
-12 Brown edge Medium Prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers
-Nathan's 20 pockets
-6 Goodmama fitted diapers
I am sure that I will add more to this as I sell my newborn stash

Other things that I will have:
-24 preemie prefolds for doublers
-4 pail liners and 2 pails
-6 snappis
-4 wet bags for going out
- diaper sprayer

Most of this I already have in gender neutral colors. I am waiting to get the rest of it until we find out the sex of the babies. :)

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Twisted Cinderella said...

Great list. I am getting most of my stash next week. For now I am getting prefolds and covers. I am getting newborns for January's new arrival. I hope my chubby Princess Magpie will fit into the larger sizes I get.