Tuesday, August 18, 2009

19 weeks!

How I am feeling: I am a jumble of nerves today! Our ultrasound is scheduled for today at 4:30. I am so anxious. I am just hoping that everything looks healthy with both babies. I am really hoping that they both look like little piglets in there! We really want them to be good sized babies. :) I am also very excited to find out the genders. I hope they give us a little peek! Nathan was not shy at all during our ultrasound with him. He showed us right away that he was a boy! Hopefully these babies will be just like their big brother. In other news, the skin on my belly is really starting to itch. I am keeping it covered in lotion though. That is pretty much all that is new right now. I can't hardly think about anything else other than this ultrasound! I will update the blog when we get back tonight!

What the babies are up to: Nineteen weeks into pregnancy, or 17 weeks after conception, the babies hearing continues to improve. He or she may pick up my voice in conversations — although it's probably hard to hear clearly through the amniotic fluid and protective paste covering their ears. For girls, the uterus and vagina may be forming this week.

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