Thursday, July 9, 2009

First visit with OB #1

Went ok. Exactly as expected, so I guess that is a good thing.

The office is in a giant sterile medical building on the second floor. The waiting room was full of pregnant women. Very impersonal, very cold.

They ask your insurance company information before they ask your name. Money, money, money.

Finally called back after waiting 30 minutes.

Weighed on a scale for the entire hallway to see.

Taken into a very cold, very sterile-looking room with a chair, a stool, and an examining table.

The nurse comes in asks a lot of general health-type questions. Writing on her clipboard as I am in tears trying to remember exactly what I was doing there. :(

Doctor finally comes in, but only after she and the nurse have a whispered conversation about me in the hall.

She launches into the explanation of her career and her practice. Talks about the other doctors that work with her.

I tell her (the short version) of my past birth history and she seemed compassionate.

Then she proceeds to tell me all of her "requirements" for a vaginal twin delivery: both babies have to be head down, baby B must be smaller than baby A, continuous monitoring of both babies during labor, IV in place during the labor, pushing must take place in the operating room so that an immediate c-section can be done for the second baby if needed, yada, yada, yada.

Then she tells me her "requirements" for a twin pregnancy. I have to have ultrasounds every 4 weeks until 30 weeks. Then after 30 weeks, I come in weekly for prenatal visits (did I mention her office is an hour away). At those weekly appointments they will do an ultrasound to monitor growth. Weekly non-stress tests to monitor their movements. I asked about refusing this extreme monitoring and she looked at me like I had two heads and ignored my question.

Overall, I wasn't impressed. And I probably won't be going back. The stress from all those weekly appointments, ultrasounds, and NSTs would be enough to cause pre-term labor!

Hopefully the next one will go better.


Andrea said...

Yikes!! (((((HUGS)))))) I hope the next OB is better. Hopefully you won't need any of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your visit did not go better. I can only think the majority of their patients actually want all those tests. I guess they think that is what pregnancy care is. It makes me sad. :-(

Good luck with the next OB!

Holly Burkhardt said...

wow. thats terrible! I can't believe how cold OB offices are and HOLY requirements!
I really think that is what caused my sisters babes to come early. she was having 3 NST and weekly ultrasounds plus weekly (sometimes 2) definitly not needed but they have people thinking that it is a must. so sad.

Im glad that you are strong and know hwo you are going to do things. thats important! Love ya

Erin said...

Ugh. Hopefully you'll find somebody who doesn't think pregnancy is a disease.

I'm going to be cheering once you hit 37 weeks!

Becky said...

I am sorry it was so stressful for you :( *HUGS*

Intertwined said...

I'm so sorry! :( How terribly stressful. Those "requirements" make my head spin.

Syd said...

I hope you can find an OB that is more to your liking. ((HUGS))