Tuesday, July 21, 2009

15 weeks!

15 weeks today!

How I am feeling: I am doing pretty good. I have started to get braxton hicks contractions and those aren't very fun. I am having a hard time getting comfortable at night. I am normally a back sleeper and really find it difficult to be on my side. I still haven't gained any weight, but my belly is growing. I am feeling the babies move occasionally. It isn't consistant yet, but I am hoping over the next couple of weeks I will feel them more often.

What the babies are up to: They are each over 4 inches long now. The facial muscles are developing and expressions can be seen. All of the organs are functioning. The liver is secreting bile and the pancreas is producing insulin.


Andrea said...

I'm sure it doesn't feel like it for you, but it seems like it's flying by! They will be here before you know it...on time or late of course, but still, it will be here soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have one of those long body/pregnancy pillows. I could not have survived sleeping on my side while I was pregnant without one!

Glad you are doing well!