Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Therapy visit

Went awesome. She is a really nice doctor and very, very friendly. Her office is in an old Victorian house and doesn't feel "clinical" at all. It was so nice to talk to someone non-judgmental and open to anything I had to say. Her presence is very calming and she is really very personable.

Within the first half of the session, she told me that she is leaning towards a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD. As soon as she said this, it just clicked. It made so much sense to me as I have been this way my entire life.

I won't go into more details right now, but I feel like this is the best choice that I have made in a long time. I am looking forward to really working with her towards some personal goals of mine.


Amanda said...

So glad it went well! The last time I attempted therapy the guy was a big jerk. It's great you found someone you are comfortable with already!

Shannon said...

Oh yay! Glad things went well and you are finding some answers. Now on to healing!

Andrea said...

I'm thrilled that you found someone that you connect with. That is an accomplishment in and of itself!