Friday, June 26, 2009

Adventures in the OB world

Dear God. I really, really, really don't want to do this.

So after speaking with my midwives at my prenatal visit, they agreed that I probably should find an OB to provide back-up care.

The reasons for this are numerous.
1. If I go into pre-term labor, I will have some place to go and someone to attend to me and my babies.
2. If I develop a severe pregnancy complication, I can easily transition into the OB's care.
3. If there is an emergency during the homebirth, I can transfer to the hospital for care and not be at the mercy of the resident on-call.

However, this just sucks. It is nearly impossible to find an OB that does NOT view twin pregnancy and birth as a ticking time bomb. I don't want muliple ultrasounds, inductions, or c-section talk. I don't want someone to cut me down there, I don't want....this list will go on for days.

So I have been asking around my natural parenting boards for some recommendations of OBs in the area. I got three names. Well, today I made some phone calls. One isn't accepting new patients and one is on maternity leave. The other one will NOT work at all. First of all, I was on hold for 20 minutes just to get to the appointment desk. Second of all, the receptionist was a bitch. Straight up. I asked her if I could set up a consult to meet the doctor. She said "Oh we don't do that here. Your first visit is with our information coordinator. Your next visit is labwork and an ultrasound. After that you will see our nurse practitioner. Then on your fourth visit you will meet with one of the doctors(there are 10 in the freaking practice)." I said, "What if I don't want the labwork and ultrasound??" She said "Then we won't take you as a patient [um, aren't you supposed to be working for me?!] So I replied, "Yeah, no thanks, bye."

Dear heaven, do women really like this kind of treatment??? "Take a number and sit down, you may or may not see the doctor you want to see today." How can anyone want that for their pregnancy? I did learn (from the boards) that this doctor only takes call 3 days a month. 3 freaking days a month??!! So if you happen to go into labor on a day that your doctor is on call, you are lucky! But most likely you will be getting a stranger to come in, put his hands in your vagina, and charge you an extraordinary amount of money in the process. The thought is just mind-boggling to me. Really.

Anyway, I made an appointment with the one doctor who was on maternity leave. My appointment isn't until she gets back in August. But at least the receptionist seemed nice.

Geez, this totally sucks.


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Andrea said...

I can't even imagine going through all of that. I really hope this OB you made an appointment with is more of understanding of your wants and needs. Stick to your guns and do what you think is right. You will get through this. Hugs to you!

Erin said...

I hope the OB you chose is great, and hopefully you won't need her at all. I think society has women brainwashed into thinking pregnancy is dangerous and all of these interventions are necessary.

It's funny you mentioned not wanting to be cut down there, b/c the first question I'm getting from most people when I tell them I had Luke at home is if the midwife is able to do stitches. They are shocked to find out that babies can come out of there just fine on their own.

April said...

I know what your talking about all to know that! :) The OB offices are just nuts and you never get "your" doc! I remember with Tyler and Erin I got transfered to my OB's office for the reason to see your and found that she would not be the one seeing was devastating! If it was her I really believe we'd have a different outcome! HUGS and I hope you find the right person to meet your personal needs, thats what they should do! You'll make it all just fine........I know it!