Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on other aspects of my life...

I realized in all the other excitement, that I haven't really talked about the fact that I was recently accepted into the Certified Nurse Midwifery Master's program! I am feeling so excited about that and a little anxious at the same time.

The program is online based for the first year. After that first year, I have to go to clinicals around 20 hours a week. But now with the addition of our newest baby, that will put me going to clinicals when that baby is around 5 months old. I know myself and I know the attachment I have to my babies and I just don't think that I am going to be able to leave them at that stage. Especially with nursing, it makes it hard to be away from him or her.

So I am thinking about pushing back my start date or taking a leave of absence after the first year. I am planning on calling my advisor next week to ask about what I can do.

In other news, Nathan is going to be 2 on Tuesday!! I am so excited for his birthday! Although I am extremely disappointed in some of my family. Many of them have not responded to the invitation and several won't be coming at all. It makes me sad that we won't have many people here for his party. My mom and step-dad, Brandon's parents, and my nephew. It just makes it so sad. :( I want him to always know that he has lots of people that love him. I just wish my friends all lived closer!


Jenn said...

yeah Mandie, for getting into the program! i am proud of you!!! Happy Early Birthday to Nathan!!!

Andrea said...

Congratulations on the acceptance to school! That is very exciting! I hope you figure out a schedule that works for everyone. Happy Early bday to Nathan! Our family was the same way with bdays. I wish I were closer and we would definitely be there! :)