Friday, May 22, 2009

Ultrasound today

Wow, the day is finally here! It seems like these weeks have just crawled by. I am very excited, although more nervous than anything. I just hope that we see something today. I had yet another nightmare about it last night, and they couldn't find anything. :(

Our appointment is until 5:15. With infertility stuff, Brandon has taken a lot of time off work, so we are really needing to save his PTO. It is going to be a really long day. I think I am going to spend the day at my mom's house, so that I don't have to sit here by myself.

After the appointment (if it is good news) Brandon and I will probably be going out to dinner, but I will update after that!

Cross your fingers for us!


Adele said...

I'm sure everything will be just fine. I'll be thinking about you!

Andrea said...

I have been thinking about you all day. I really hope everything goes well this afternoon....and I can't believe you are going to make us wait that long!!!!! You need to start twittering such updates!