Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letter to my 2 year old boy...

Dear Nathan,

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! Today is your second birthday and I am so excited to spend this day with you! It is hard to believe that 2 years ago today I was holding you for the first time and now you are my best buddy!

At 2 years old, you are 36 inches tall and 30 pounds! Getting so big! This has been a big month for us! We found out that you are going to be a big brother! Mama and Daddy are so happy and so excited to add to our family. We are thrilled that you will have a playmate! Mama really loves her siblings, so I hope that you will too. In other news, you are slowly getting the hang of speech therapy! You are doing so well with that. So far you can say: more, fish, foot, water, Lucy, and car. You are starting to say "outside" when you want to go out and play (which is all the time!). We have therapy every week with Julie and you learn something new all the time. I am so happy that we did this for you! Hopefully you will continue to surprise us! Apart from speech, you are just growing and changing everyday. You love spending time with Grandma. You recognize her car now and get all excited when we see it. You love your Cousin Will too! You guys have been playing very well together! On Mother's Day we went to Grandma's house and you and Will played in the power wheel! You actually drove it all around the yard with Will as your passenger. I am so happy that you have someone close to you to grow up with! Although you and Lucy are still best friends. You spend a lot of time with her and are sad when she is up in her crate. We have been taking a lot of walks lately and sometimes you don't even want in your car! You are starting to prefer walking alongside Daddy and I. You do really well with listening and staying on the sidewalk. I just can't believe that you are old enough to do that!

I really miss you being so small and new. You were such an adorable baby! But I am also so excited to watch to grow up too! You are our pride and joy and we adore you! So happy Birthday sweet son...May this be the one of many that you are happy and healthy.

Love you always,



April said...

Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Nathan!