Tuesday, May 19, 2009

6 weeks

I'm 6 weeks today!!

How I'm feeling: Doing ok so far. I am still just exhausted all the time. It takes so much energy just to get out of bed. I am still really moody and snapping a lot. My newest symptom this week is nausea. I am feeling pretty sick in the afternoons and really have to force myself to eat. It was like this with Nathan too and I lost 16 pounds because of it. I'm hoping to get by this time without feeling that sick. In other news, the bloating is taking on a whole new level! I always heard that you "show" earlier in each subsequent pregnancy, but this is crazy! In the beginning of the day, I still have a flat (ish) stomach. But by the end of the day, I have a definite belly! We joke that it is the twins, and I am really starting to wonder. My ultrasound is Friday! I can't wait. Hopefully my nightmares will go away. Every night, I dream about it, and the tech is telling me that there is no heartbeat. I wake up in a cold sweat afterwards.

What the baby is up to: The baby and yolk sac are about the size of an M&M (10,000 times larger than the fertilized egg)! Two tiny cups of pigment are at the sides of the embryo that will become the eyes. Tiny buds that will form the lungs appear. The neural tube is now closed and one end is expanding to become the brain.

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Andrea said...

Although you may feel bloated, that stomach looks pretty flat to me!! I felt like I got bigger faster the second time, but it does level off...unless it's twins! :)