Sunday, April 12, 2009

Letter to my 23 month old boy..

Dear Nathan,

April is here! Spring is in full bloom. The weather is getting warmer by the day and you and I really enjoy spending time outside. The flowers and trees are waking up to see you!

You are 23 months old today! This has been a busy month. The biggest change has been the start of speech therapy. We have a therapy session every Tuesday morning. So far it is going well. We are hoping that you do well and start talking to us. So far we are working on getting you to use some signs. You have almost got the hang of signing "more". This is a learning process for both you and us! We love working with you though. You have other ways of getting us to understand what you want. For example, you bring your shoes, socks, and sweater to me at least 10 times a day so that we can go outside! You really hate it when it is raining! Today happens to be Easter! In our family, we celebrate Easter as the rebirth of the Earth and the arrival of spring. Thankfully it looks like it is going to be a wonderful day! On Friday we colored Easter eggs with Grandma! You weren't really all that interested yet. You just wanted to smash the eggs! Yesterday we went to see your Great-grandparents and had a family Easter egg hunt! You had lots of fun but it was so muddy out! You found 10 eggs and got lots of money and prizes. Today, Grandpa John and Grandma Kay are coming to see you! We are going to do another little egg hunt here so that they can see you find the eggs. In your Easter basket, Mama and Daddy gave you a new shirt that is Earth friendly, a container for your Goldfish (the snack), and lots of M&Ms! You love those!

So, sweet one, there is only one month left until your second birthday. I can't believe that you are going to be 2! These years have just flown by! But they have been filled with so much love and happiness. I love you so much, Nathan Cole!



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