Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IUI #4, Counts

The nurse finally got back to me with our counts from both IUIs.

Sunday's IUI:

Count: 66 million

Motility: 22% rapid 19% slow--total motile 41%--53% immobile So only 27 million motile

Morphology: 1% normal

Monday's IUI:

Count: 50 million

Motility: 17% rapid, 9% slow--total motile 26%--73% immobile So only 13 million motile

Morphology: 1% normal

Overall, not looking great. Sunday's numbers weren't too bad. But Monday's were horrible. Only 13 million motile sperm. UGH! I am just so tired of this. And Monday was the actual day of ovulation. :(


Erin said...

Sorry about the bad numbers :( Hopefully there are enough to get the job done.

Melindae said...

my heart and thoughts go out to you mandie I wish you the best of luck and I pray that even with the numbers not looking great that this was still your month. you are in my prayers always and I am always sending baby vibes your way.

Andrea said...

I'm sorry things seem to not be good. However, it truly only takes one. I am sending all the positive vibes I have your way. ((((HUGS)))))