Friday, March 13, 2009

Cloth diaper info

I get asked a lot for cloth diapering information. Here it is:

Cloth diapering is so easy, it is honestly crazy to me that more people don’t do it.

There are several ways that you can go with cloth diapering. I will go over the basics first, then get into more specific questions.

Different types of Cloth diapers:

1. First up are prefolds. These are really simple. My favorites are from They are basically pieces of fabric (high quality) and you use different folds to keep them in place. There are literally a million different folds! Some people use pins and some people use what is called a snappi. These are cool little devices that secure the prefold on the babe. The great thing about prefolds is that they are cheap! Easy to clean and are adjustable to fit. You can get infant size or preemie size (depending on the age of the babe). Prefolds do need a cover. I will talk about covers a little later.

2. Next up are fitteds. Fitteds are great because they are super easy to use. Some come with snaps and some come with Velcro. I prefer snaps because they don’t rub the little one’s legs. There are a million different types of fitteds. Some fitteds even are considered one-size! Which fit babies from newborn to potty training but are more expensive. Some fitteds are sized and are cheaper. Either way, you spend the same amount of money! My favorite fitteds for newborns are Kissaluvs My favorite fitteds for sized are My favorite fitteds for one-size are Goodmamas are harder to get because a mom makes them, but you can find them online used and new at different places. Fitteds also need covers.

3. Next are pockets. Pockets are super fun and super easy! They are basically a diaper with an waterproof layer called PUL. They don’t require a cover for this reason. The diaper can be stuffed with different inserts to change absorbency. Pockets are great for outings and nighttime because they last longer. Pockets can also be one-sized and sized. My favorite sized pockets are Fuzzi Bunz (Erinn from has these at her store). They go from XS to XL. My favorite one-sized are Blueberry. I love all the colors at Blueberry. They also have minky! Minky is a soft outer layer. Super cute. I always recommend that people start out using pocket diapers. Very easy to get the hang of.

4. Next are AIOs. This is short for All-in-ones. These are similar to pockets, in that you don’t have to use a cover, but you don’t have to stuff these. The downside to using AIOs is that they take longer to dry.

5. Now as far as covers go, there are a million different kinds. Erinn has a lot on her site. I like Imse Vimse and Thirsties for Velcro and Adorabumz for snaps ( Remember covers are needed for fitteds and prefolds.

The key to cloth diapering is you have to have fun with it. Get cute prints and colors that you enjoy putting on your baby.

Washing routine:

Once you build up your stash, you can go longer in between washing. Washing diapers is super easy. Toss diapers in for a cold rinse (to avoid stains and to rinse), then a hot wash with a tiny bit of detergent (seriously, I use like 8 drops of regular Tide), then another cold rinse. Toss in dyer and you are done! Don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Cloth Diapering accessories:

1. First, you must get a diaper sprayer. Cheap and easy to install, this is my fave CDing accessory! It makes it so easy! When you have a poopy diaper, spray it out in the toilet and toss in your pail.

2. Speaking of the pail, I just use a kitchen trashcan. You can get a couple of pail liners from The great thing about pail liners is that you just take the pail liner to your washer, dump in the diapers, and toss the liner in with them!

3. If you use pocket diapers, you will need some inserts. Erinn has a lot to choose from. And most of the time, the diaper comes with an insert and you just need some extra if you need more absorbency.

4. You will also need a couple wet bags. These are for the diaper bag when you are out and about. I have one from blueberry and Erinn has several on her site.

Specific questions:

1. "….but what if baby has a dirty dipe out in public or at a friends' house? I don't want to have to rinse a dipe in a public bathroom or friends' sink/tub." Super easy. Ok, before your baby is on solid foods, his/ her poop will be kinda peanut buttery. If you are out and about, just place the diaper in the wet bag and spray it off when you get home. As long as you don’t leave the diaper in there for days, you should be ok to just do it when you get home. I have never had an issue with smell because the wetbag closes tight. After your baby is on solids, the poop will just roll off the diaper. Knock the solids into the toilet and put the diaper in the wetbag to go home.

2. Don't they stink in the pail? No. I do diaper laundry every two or three days. By spraying off the poopy diapers, you will eliminate the smell.

3. Why do you do it? Saves money! It seems like a lot of cost upfront but it saves in the end. Better for the environment. Over 2 tons of waste per child in disposable diapers goes into the landfills each year. Better for the baby! No chemicals on the baby's bottom.

It is super overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is so easy and fun! Best place to start with CDing: It is a forum where you can ask questions, buy used diapers, and get a lot of ideas!

And anytime I mentioned Erinn: her store link again is Everything you could ever want.

Hope this helps!!


Erin said...

Great info! I just wanted to say for anybody reading who is new to cloth diapering that I started out with $40 worth of diapers (I was spending $50/month in disposables). After a few months I took the $$ that I saved from not buying disposables and bought more cloth diapers until I had enough to go several days without washing.

Andrea said...

I was just about to make a post about this! Great info!

Adele said...

Thank you for all this great info! Just FYI, the pail liner link did not work for me.

Erinn said...

Thanks Mandie!!! You're so sweet!!

Sarah said...

Back when I was just sooooo sure I was going to be pregnant, I looked around online and found these diapers. They look pretty good. And I know that they do sell them at Target.