Monday, February 23, 2009

Update about IUI (or lack thereof)

The office administrator finally got back to us.

He said that the lab technician made an error and the semen ended up not making it to the appropriate location at the right time (explains why we were waiting for 5 hours). Resulting in sperm death. He tried to explain the mechanics behind everything but honestly I kinda glazed over during his whole spiel. It doesn't really matter how it happened, the point is making certain it won't happen again. And he said that they would be changing some things in the lab to streamline the process because of this event.

He also used this time to get my feedback on the practice since I said in a voicemail that I was really unhappy with the office prior to this weekend. So I used that time to tell him all about the nurses and those issues.

He ended the phone call by thanking me for trusting them with all this. Our next cycle is paid for and I am encouraged to call him directly with any issues that arise. He will handling our cycle personally next month.

All in all, it sucks. I mean, one month to me is like a lifetime. And I explained that to him. I am just pretty down about it. But we are hoping that next month is it for us. We will probably be doing a trigger shot so that I know exactly when I am ovulating. Then we will be doing two IUIs. One on O day and one the day after.

Hoping for a December baby, I guess.

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