Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have been unable to think of anything positive to write, so I have been procrastinating posting here.

This cycle is a bust.

Nathan hasn't nursed in a week.

Pumping is hard work and I am getting little output.

The weather has been really crappy so we have been stuck inside a lot.

I am pretty pissed off with Dr. B's office. The nurses are really crappy and have no clue what infertility is like. I have talked to this one nurse over 10 times on the phone, met her in person a dozen times, and she STILL has no clue about our history. Every time I call, "oh...hmmm...what are you doing this month? Have we done this for you..." It is so annoying. I know they have a gazillion patients but at least fake it! I swear.

So there you have it. My big, fat, negative post for the day.

As far as next cycle goes, who knows. We have an appointment with Dr. B next week to discuss our options. We won't be doing Clomid. We may be doing another IUI, but I'm not sure.


Holly - Lilly's Mommy said...

im always thinking of you!

April said...

HUGS sweetie!
I'm so sorry the RE nurse is like that! Some of the nurses really shouldn't be in a RE office.
Excited to hear what you next plan is!

Natosha said...

I HATED Fertility Nurses!!! (Well at least the ones in my office) They have NO compassion, NO feelings, No sensitivity! (Ours was very rude when we m/c'd)

I am always thinking about you. First think in the morning most often I find myself wandering about your charts or saying a quick prayer for you.

Just want you to know that I know what you are going through and it totally sucks. Hugs, it is really all I can say.