Friday, February 27, 2009

Love will prevail over bigotry...

Watch this video:

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Anonymous said...

What about religious freedom?? Ever heard of that?

Mandie said...

There is a huge difference between bigotry and religious freedom.

A person can believe whatever they want to believe. They can feel free to do this because that is their right. That is religious freedom. Going to church on Sundays, dancing around the fire, praying towards Mecca, should be respected as that person's right.

Here is the major difference:

Bigotry is when that person's beliefs and opinions are forced on other people. When I call someone a bigot, it isn't for believing that gay marriage shouldn't exist. It is when they force that view on everyone else by voting and/ or lobbying to have gay and lesbian rights TAKEN AWAY. This isn't about whether or not they agree with gay marriage. I could care less if a person thinks that it is ok. Fine, just don't enter into a gay marriage and they should be ok. However, a person becomes a bigot when they actively pursue the removal of rights/ freedoms from another person. It is mind-boggling that these people don't get the distinction. For example, I don't believe that Jesus was the son of God. I believe that he was a brillant man and teacher. However, I would turn into a bigot if I went around holding signs and screaming at people as they go into a Christian church. Simple as that.

I wasn't going to publish your comment. Because frankly, why are you reading my blog, if it offends you? There are a million anti-gay rights blogs floating around. Visit those instead.

Mandie said...

I also wanted to add, that comments containing derogatory comments about the gay community will not be published. You cannot get me to change my views by using hate-filled words. If you would like to explain yourself in a manner that is not insulting to me or the gay population, I am always up for hearing the other side of the story.

And I recognize that I mentioned my belief concerning Jesus. Trust me, I do want to believe and I really do try. I am hoping to get back to a point in which I can say that I do.