Friday, January 9, 2009


So as you'll see from my last post, I had everything worked out. We were going to be doing a HSG this cycle to be sure that my tubes and everything are clear. This is considered a DIAGNOSTIC test. A couple of days ago, I called our RE's office to get the codes that they would be using for our insurance.

[As a side-note: Our stinking (I want to say the f-word here, but I will refrain because that is a whole other post) insurance company does NOT cover any fertility treatments. None, nada, nope. No ultrasounds, bloodwork, IUIs, IVF, nothing. They do however cover diagnostic testing. They did cover Brandon's semen analysis and would cover any other testing for me if needed.]

Now, back to the drama at hand. So I called the RE's office for the codes. Talked to a very nice lady in billing with whom I have spoke with many times. She gave me the codes for the HSG. After that, I called the insurance company and gave them the codes. Because it was coded as a diagnostic procedure, I found out that our insurance company will cover the HSG 100%. Yay!

Fast forward to today, I call Dr. B's nurse. (Who by the way, is fairly new there. She wasn't the same nurse that I had when going through IVF. I loved that nurse.) Anyway, I call to set everything up for this cycle. She causally mentions that the HSG will be coded as infertility treatment. I didn't really think anything about the comment until I hung up the phone. WHAT??!!! So immediately I call back, only to get her voicemail (story of my life) and I leave a message saying that I had already spoke to the billing office, it is coded as a diagnostic procedure. Well, the nurse finally calls me back and says (and I quote) " You are a patient here for infertility purposes, I am going to code this as infertility treatment." So at this point I am almost in tears. I tell her "I don't think that you understand. This is the ONLY thing that my insurance will pay for. We are using it as a diagnostic tool to make sure that my tubes are still clear. I had this same test three years ago, but I have had a miscarriage, pregnancy, and birth since then. A lot can change in three years. I need this to be coded as diagnostic otherwise we will not be doing the HSG or any more IUIs because we cannot afford the HSG out-of-pocket."

Sooooo, she gets all huffy and says "Look, I am very busy here. I can't talk about this right now. The billing person isn't here today so you will have to call back on Monday. I will need to talk about this with them and Dr. B."

So who knows. She is making me wait until Monday to figure this all out. I'm pretty pissed off at her. Mainly because she has always rubbed me the wrong way, but also because she has absolutely no compassion for people who have to go through this. She is making me me so upset because normally I am so happy with our RE's office. I normally love the staff and love Dr. B.

There is my lovely drama for today. So now I have to wait until Monday to figure out if we are even moving forward at all.


Amanda said...

How frustrating!! I don't know how people can work in this field and be so rude and horrible. Reminds me of one snotty terrible nurse I had after my m/c...
Anyway I hope they get it figured out for you. It shouldn't matter to them, they will get paid!

Erin said...

I want to kick her! She has no business treating people like that! I'm sure Dr. B will have it coded as diagnostic, he sounds like a compassionate Dr.

April&Jason said...

UGH, I'm sorry she was like that, was was not right at all. It drives me nuts when people work in these offices but can't find compassion for us with these problems. I hope it gets worked out and Dr B gets her straight on how to code it! GL sweetie.

Holly - Lilly's Mommy said...

ah hun. im so sorry.. i hate when new people come into the mix of things and screw it up. i really hope that Dr. B will straighten things out

Adele said...

I'm sure they will code it as diagnostic. That's what the billing people said. This nurse doesn't know what she's talking about. I'm sorry you have to deal with her. How annoying!