Friday, January 9, 2009

IUI #3, Cycle day 1

For some reason, the RE counts the next day as cycle day one, if your period starts after their office closes. Weird, but oh well.

So today is day one, I guess. Anyway, I spoke to the nurse and she said that Dr. B does want me to do Clomid this month. He also does want to do the HSG and another IUI. Basically we are giving it our best shot this month. Going all out, so to speak.

And away we go. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday at 10:30 to make sure that I have no cysts so that I can start the Clomid. If I don't have any, I will start Clomid that day. My HSG is going to be on the 15th at 10:45. Going to be a busy couple weeks.

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