Monday, January 5, 2009

IUI #2, Cycle day 27--Progesterone results and looking forward

Last week I had to get my progesterone levels drawn to confirm that I had ovulated. They do this when you are on Clomid to make sure that the Clomid didn't lead to ovulation failure. I called this morning to get my results. The level was at 28. Normal for that stage of my cycle. It indicates that I did in fact ovulate. So that is good news.

However, as I mentioned previously, PMS symptoms are mighty hard to ignore and I am sure that this cycle is a failure. I really don't mean to sound like a negative person and I a lot of people tell me not to give up hope until it is over. However, the thing about infertility (one of the positive aspects, I think) is that I know my body really well. I have learned that I experience these signs and on what days I can expect them, etc. So all in all, this is a good thing. I know my body really well. Naturally, I would gladly eat my words if I was wrong! So thanks so much for your support, and I hope that you all don't think that I am a Debbie Downer!

Anyway, I spoke with the nurse a little today about what we should do for the next cycle. Dr. B may want to another hysterosalpingogram (yeah, I can barely pronounce that) or HSG. I had one of these 3 years ago, when we were just beginning our treatment. The basic jist of the HSG is that they shoot dye up my uterus. Sounds fun right?! Not really. Anyway, during the "shooting up" they are watching the dye flow through my uterus and tubes on X-ray. So the entire time, I am perched on a skinny-ass X-ray table while three or four people stare at my crotch/ insides on a giant big screen. Yeah, not my idea of a good time. The purpose of the HSG is to make sure that my tubes are open and clear. Blocked tubes could result in the egg not making it down to the uterus.

The one up-side of the HSG is that it is said to increase fertility after the procedure. Something about clearing out small debris and any tiny blockages that could be impeding Mrs. Egg's arrival to the womb. And actually, Noel was conceived on the cycle after my HSG. So who knows.

I will let you know what Dr. B says and if we are going to do that next cycle. We probably won't be doing Clomid again. The side-effects sucked.


April&Jason said...

UGH, I detest this test but hope it proves successful afterwards! :)
GL in 2009 sweetie

Syd said...

Mandie, that progesterone level is wonderful. The only time I was that high was when I was pregnant w/Gretta. :)
Okay I have some questions but I will email you :)

Natosha said...

I hate that test. I had some mild cramping afterwords. I know you know all about it but Gee it hurt. (I also thought the IUIs hurt though) Good luck hun, I hope you get pg this cycle even with the pms symptoms. Hugs.