Monday, January 26, 2009

I was tagged on facebook:

So I'll post this here! =)

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. I won't be tagging anyone else. LOL

1. I have seen every episode of Sex and the City and Roseanne way too many times to count. To me, there is nothing better than sitting down with a DVD and laughing my butt off.

2. I'm really not sure what I want to be when I grow up. When I go back to work, I have no clue what I will go back to doing. I have a strong calling toward infertility nursing, but I am worried that I won't find a job like that.

3. I think I finally found a new doctor today! I have been looking for a natural-minded doctor who is supportive of not vaccinating and breastfeeding. I left a message with her office last week and she called me today personally to invite me to come meet her! I am totally excited!

4. I think about having another baby every day. Sometimes my womb physically aches.

5. I think about having a homebirth every day. I am so excited to experience that. I can't wait.

6. Infertility has brought Brandon and I so much closer together. We are truly a team and I can't imagine going through this with anyone else.

7. I love white chocolate.

8. My mom is my best friend. She is one of those people who you can talk to about anything.

9. Brandon and I aren't really sure what we will do if this cycle doesn't work. Kinda scary to think about.

10. I wear two toe-rings. One on each foot. I have had the same rings on since I was 16. I never take them off.

11. I have three tattoos. A star on each foot and a flower on my back. The flower I got in Hawaii. I plan to get a new flower every time we visit. I also want to get a pair of pink angel wings for our lost baby, Noel.

12. Brandon has my name tattooed on his body! :) Well, he has the Chinese letters for "panda" which is what Brandon calls me.

13. I wore my belly ring throughout my entire pregnancy. It was only when Nathan discovered that he could pull at it when it had to come out.

14. Brandon is an only child, whereas I have 12 brothers and sisters. I have 3 full brothers, 2 half brothers, 2 half sisters, and 5 step brothers/sisters. Needless to say, Brandon was a little overwhelmed when he first met my family.

15. I have a strict cleaning schedule. Each room of the house gets cleaned on a different day. It helps keep me sane.

16. I adore cloth diapers. They are so cute! I can't wait to buy some new ones for a newborn.

17. Out of all of my college friends, I would have picked myself last for the one getting married. I was the first. :)

18. I really love hanging out at home with hubby and Nathan. Brandon and I play games and Nathan "helps".

19. I wear the "pants". :)

20. I can be very strongly opinionated and a lot of people can't handle that. In other words, I can never just "shut up" about certain issues. Circumcision, gay rights, and breastfeeding are all examples of this.

21. I miss my college buddies. They all moved away and I am lonely. It is hard to make new friends as a mommy.

22. I have two nephews and one neice. I suspect I will have lots more before all is said and done. :)

23. I take a Flintstones vitamin every day.

24. I have a boxer named Lucy. She is a really good dog and I don't show her enough affection because Nathan takes up 1000% of my time.

25. It was really hard to come up with 25 things about myself. :)

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